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Is your road ahead stable or unpredictable?

Warren Bennis is brilliant.  He wrote about the unpredictable world of the future (commenting on Karl Weick’s distinction between old school leaders, and adaptive leaders of the coming years): Maps, by definition, could only help in known worlds — worlds that have been charted before. Compasses are helpful when you are not sure where you are and can only get a general sense of direction.

Choose the right Leadership Skill  

Is your road ahead stable or unpredictable?  Do you need a map or a compass?

A map limits our options.  It attempts to reflect the world of things, however most maps are always out of date because the world always changes.  Therefore, the map shows us the world as it was, and it is never a reliable guide to the future.  Too bad . . . because we’re going to live in the future!

Unchanging Principles help Project Managers

A compass helps us find our way based on unchanging principle.  If the explorer can find north, then the other cardinal directions can be divined as well.  The explorer may see obstacles.  The compass will affirm to the traveler that a direction is correct.


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