A universe you can laugh at


Just for fun, imagine you are surrounded by amusing people – provided to make you laugh and smile.  Imagine, the stage of life has been set up as one continuous Marx Brothers comedy, and indeed it is all rolling around you. Want to enjoy the fun? Pay attention to the dialogue so that you can get the joke.

Dispose of this attitude: “life is miserable, too much is painful, I think I’m giving up.” I’m taking the attitude that I am surrounded by people who want to amuse me. I am looking for the gag; I’m convinced that someone wants me laugh today. I just need to pay attention.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were in a backstage team ready to throw a pie in the face of that man who is taking himself too seriously?


Be ready with a cream pie.

You have permission to find things funny.  Give yourself permission. Why not? You have as much right as anyone to view things exactly the way you want to see them. Make the choice that you’re going to be amused today. Decide in advance that you will find plenty of amusement in your path today. Start with a smile, and with a laugh.

Try looking at things sideways. Maybe you are taking things too seriously. I know I have. Just maybe, the next dialogue you are going to hear is laced with ten puns! So when things are getting too serious, think about new ways to look at what’s going on. Lighten up, and decide you’re going to get through it with a giggle.

Be sure to show people that you are smiling and laughing. You don’t have to hold it in. Smiling and laughing shows people that you have an open path to your heart. A laughing man simplifies all life transactions! Show people by your demeanor that you are enjoying being exactly there, that you are finding amusement, and you enjoy their company. They may not get the joke, other people will find you excellent company to be around.

Be careful that you don’t laugh at people. They may think you have a superior attitude. If people get worried by your positive nature, let them know you are having a good time and enjoy laughing and smiling. Reassure them that you appreciate who they are and you would never laugh at them. Tell people, in fact, that you like their positive nature – even if they are doing a good job of hiding that positivity.

Haven’t found the joke? Keep assuming that it’s there.  There is probably something funny around you. Don’t get disturbed if nothing is funny and you can’t see it, no matter how much you look. Just keep the channels open for the laughter and you may discover the laugh track has just been turned on.

The more I laugh, the more I win. The smiling and laughing mentality is a success strategy. People want to be around a person who is amused. The happy person is not a threat. You can enter the heart of other people with laughter and joy around you. Show people that you are amused and you can sell them the gates to Paradise.

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Steve Broe is an executive coach and author.  He lives in Scottsdale Arizona.  He answers the question, “How does leadership help people become successful?” in his new book, Leading the Way Up Mt. Olympusnow available on Amazon.  

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