The 4 Most Important Things
You Should Know About Leadership Coach Steve Broe….

  • Steve Broe is…Founder and CEO of Career Impact Coaching.  Steve is a Leadership Coach with a passion to work with professionals to help them discover and grow their leadership strengths and to maximize success faster that they could ever do on their own. He does this by assessing leadership strengths and natural talents through proven, objective and reliable measures and then constructing a strategic map that leads them to a powerful career victory.  Steve applies imagination, business experience and a proven knowledge from the world of leadership to help his clients grow and improve. They learn to make better decisions which lead to higher performance, more revenue and a greater satisfaction with life.
  • Steve Broe is…A Successful Businessman.  Steve has managed his family businesses for over 20 years. These holdings include child care facilities; self storage properties; real estate; and charter schools.  Steve understands the leadership challenges of business owners and executives at all levels and is uniquely qualified to help any and all of his clients.
  • Steve Broe is…An Experienced Educator.  Steve Broe is a proven and experienced educator and has taught at the University of Phoenix since 2001.  Steve has worked with students of all ages, all walks of life and all levels of professional achievement. He has helped them learn how to perform at higher levels and to clarify their career path and to accelerate their success.
  • Steve Broe is….A Devoted Family Man and Hobbyist!   Steve is happily married with two children. He is an amateur musician; a second degree black belt in the martial art of Aikido; enjoys movies, family time and loves to travel.


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