About Steve

Steve Broe has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

As the founder of a charter grade school with several campuses in Arizona, his quest for developing a school that would set itself apart from other charter and public grade schools started with the model of a school with a very low student/teacher ratio to assure that all students, from learning disabled to gifted received the personal attention and instruction that they needed to reach their potential. He designed a lengthy assessment process to make sure the teachers that were hired not only thoroughly knew the subjects, but possessed the creative skills to make learning fun, which results in the student’s life-long thirst for knowledge.

Steve’s quest for maximizing his management potential progressed through his 25 + years of management experience in education, real estate, and private asset management. His management skills were honed from personal one-on-one coaching, to senior level management for a multi-state corporation with over 120 employees.

His skills have been recognized by many organizations, including:

  • Countless awards for public speaking
  • Two-time recipient of Toastmasters International Leadership Excellence award
  • Volunteering leader and mentor of speakers and Toastmasters clubs for eighteen year
  • Earned his doctorate in leadership from the University of Phoenix, with his study of the leadership experiences of military veterans in Arizona schools
  • Instructor with the Undergraduate Business and Management program for the University of Phoenix, Online.

Coaching Philosophy

Career coaching helps the executive become more effective. The coaching experience begins with an exploration of the client’s values and direction. The client reviews his or her strengths, and produces a map of action with the coach.

Strategic view of career
You’ll make better choices, leading to readiness amidst turmoil, career agility in the face of uncertainty, and the discerning skill to seize windows of opportunity. You will get ahead!

Optimal performance
More of your work will be in the area of your strength. You will accomplish more, and other managers will see you as highly productive. You will enjoy your working hours more.

Higher energy
After you follow your career map, and focus on your strengths, work will be more joyful. Remove the labor from your working hours and add mastery. The executive team will sense your natural vitality.

By linking your work to your dreams, adding energy to your performance, and focusing on the activities that you do well; you set the stage for personal transformation. I will ask you to take reasonable risks. Your success is my objective!

Transformational leadership is no accident. Effective leaders change their organization by working with other people. The transformational leader is a master at supplying workplace influence, motivation through inspiration, intellectual stimulation, and individual consideration. You can learn to provide the passionate guidance that your business needs.

Coaching gets results! Successful executive change programs have one factor in common: Contact, interaction and follow-up with experienced peers leads to positive career impact (Goldsmith & Morgan, 2004). Career leaders who are committed to personal growth will invest in continual contact with professional colleague. Coaching provides the context for this experience.

Morgan, H. & Goldsmith, M. (2004). Leadership is a contact sport. strategy+business

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