Are you in charge of your Leadership Development?

What is Career Coaching? What is Leadership Coaching? What is Business Coaching?

Choose to grow as a leader.

Make a choice. You are an unfinished leader.   There is a lot more work to do. Are you committed to change your leadership effectiveness?  How committed are you to a leadership education?

Is it hard to accept yourself as unfinished?  I’ve come to accept that all leaders continue to work on their talents, their balance, their communication and technical skills.  The greatest among us seem to choose lifelong learning as their choice.

Who is qualified to teach a great leader?  Surely there comes a point where no one around is capable of coaching the maestro.   Objectively speaking, even the great CEO, the business tycoon, the man of outstanding vision and courage, this person is not a master of all contexts.  Jim Collins, writing in the Harvard Business Review in 2005, pointed out that the level 5 leader, those at the pinnacle of their growth, includes a mixture of “humility and fierce resolve.”  Humility, that quality of being understated, listening and attending to what others have to say, it seems paradoxical, doesn’t it?  Great leaders are not solar flares of brilliant personality – they let others shine around them.

Be humble.  Pay attention to the lessons around you.  And choose your direction of growth.

Be determined to grow.  Don’t let this fall to chance.  Understand that you have opportunities to develop your intelligence and experience.  Seek out people who can help you, and look for the lessons that they share with you.

Pay attention.  Your living spirit wants you to experience the curriculum of the giants.  Sometimes the lessons are whispered. Watch the PowerPoint slides without the projector or tablet computer.  You have control of the button to advance the slideshow.  Catch the lesson and integrate it with your leadership experience, and then teach others.

Make this a point of burning desire.   Be impatient.   Choose to grow, and expand your horizon.  Don’t be afraid to let others get credit as you push forward.

Steve Broe is an executive coach and author.  He lives in Scottsdale Arizona.  He answers the question, “How does leadership help people become successful?” in his new book, Leading the Way Up Mt. Olympusnow available on Amazon.


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