Burning through the Fog with Leadership Vision


Visionary thinking is a success behavior.  That is what I was told by successful people I’ve interviewed for this book.  The person with a vision of the future has a handful of fire – energy that can capture the attention of others, and challenge people to work on something meaningful. A leader with vision

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The light of vision gives confidence to all who travel forward.

inspires others – people want to follow someone that has the power to change their world for good.  In fact, many people will give up much of their time and money to help a vision come into being.

People hear the vision of the possible future, and they start thinking, “I see myself in that world.”  Even as the leader is talking, people become rhapsodic about the possibilities introduced by a positive vision.  This kind of thinking gives people hope, and they will join with the leader to make that vision a reality.

Focusing Attention is the Work of Executive Education

I see the power of a vision as if it is an intense light, a lantern cutting through a murky fog.  Although the light cannot evaporate the fog, if it is intense enough it creates a bold channel through the swirling mist.  The light of vision gives confidence to all who just travel forward; it focuses attention into a single spot.  Travelers through a fog may not be able to see all the way to their destination, but they know that the powerful beam will precede them, giving them clearance and advance notice of any obstacles.   The wielder of the beam has an important responsibility, and all who travel together can take comfort with his or her leadership.

Have you known someone who shared a vision with you? It can be an exciting moment, a chance to deepen one’s perception forward.  Along with this, I feel that my nervous system responds – if I like the vision, my skin seems to carry the anticipation of possibility with an almost electric charge.

Work on Inner and Outer Practice For Personal Business Coaching

How does one build the leadership within? I think there is an inner practice and an outer practice that serve to feed the vision.  Both (for me) seem to be necessary to foster the kind of visionary thinking that changes peoples’ lives.

The inner cultivation of a vision comes from studying a problem, and resting with it.  The practice of contemplation helps the vision deepen and become substantial.  One rests with the problem to allow inner resources to deal with the situation; later to respond to it.  Resting is not a permanent state for vision cultivation, as one must take the vision, and feed it with personal experience and emotional power.  The vision is like a plant that is nurtured in the soul.  It is fertilized with our life experience and cognitions.

The outer practice involves taking the seed of a vision from another, often a mentor. Great ideas ignite passion and intellectual stimulation in me – and I suspect in you too.  If you have a mentor relationship in your life, then you know the power that can arise when two lives intersect, and visions are passed on.

A mentor has the ability to personally deliver the vision into a form customized for the learner.  When a mentor cultivates and shares the vision with another, it grows in intensity.

I suspect that any one of us can be a mentor, a visionary leader, to another. Every one of us can help lift another person.  A vision takes to the prepared mind, and find an environ in which to deepen. The passing of the vision requires a connected relationship and the willingness to listen for new ideas.

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