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Career Coach in ArizonaCareer coaching is offered on a thirteen-week basis. A set curriculum is offered in a ninety minute group session. Career impact coaching has been established to help career changers make an important shift in the work they do. It is not a resume service or a recruiting agency. If you are facing an important decision and want some help taking the first steps, career coaching is an excellent choice to accelerate your progress and get started with a rewarding new career. A professional career coach can help a person secure a promotion, start work in a new profession, or launch a business.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Robert had a dream. He had worked for major financial services company for 30 years. In his mind, he would never be promoted again and he believed that a layoff could be disastrous for him, announced at any time. He had several good business ideas, and lots of energy. He believed he could create a great small business with his wife. Nevertheless, he had lots of reasons to hesitate. What if the business failed, and he ended up on skid row?

One option would be to find a job in a new field. Robert might also apply for early retirement. Each of these might be less risky than starting a new business. Robert felt his passion rise as he imagined himself working in business for himself.

What about a business in a multilevel marketing company? Everyone wants to be healthy, right? Robert wondered if he could succeed with this kind of business. He could get started for about $300! And he didn’t have to leave his job. He could build a side business on his own time and leave the company – if he did didn’t get laid off first – when he was ready.

The decision to start a new business is complex and can be costly. A person will work at a new business for months and years before he or she expects to see a profit. A professional career consultant can help you minimize your costs and get your goals faster than you would on your own.

Would I be good in a new career?

Most of us have many talents. While we are working in a regular job, most of us ignore many career strengths and focus on a few. The nature of having a secure, comfortable job means that many alternatives are never explored.

If you want to prepare for new career, a career coach can help you decide if that choice is realistic. Frequently, a decision to enter a new profession offers many options that one has not considered. For example, Meredith decided to become a teacher. She knew that she would have to qualify with a teaching certificate and prepare with some volunteer teaching experience. However, she did not know how many career choices are offered within education. Besides being a classroom teacher, some teachers become curriculum specialists. Other teachers focus on special education. Another choice would be to help teachers as a technology specialist. In addition a great teaching experience can be had by teaching at business settings with adults who need to learn new skills. Many, many more choices are available to someone who wants to work in education. Thanks to her career coach, she went online, collected research information and learned about her new career before she made one of the biggest decisions of her life.

Moving forward with less risk

Whether you are changing careers, starting a business, or learning to work in new ways: all of these efforts move you into a place of uncertainty. Rationally, you know, others have done it. I can do it too. Emotionally, the next step feels dangerous. There is so much unknown, and some people wonder if they have it within them to go forward. The result often is that the person facing career change procrastinates, gets busy with less productive action, and does endless research. This phase feels gloomy and unfulfilling.

There will never be a perfect moment to make a career change. With an executive career coach, three good things can happen: First, risk will be minimized. Secondly, one will have more information to help make a great decision, and will do so faster than one would buy himself or herself. Third, one will have a friendly coach hold one accountable to take the needed steps forward on a timetable that makes sense.

Does it make sense to start a new business?

A person starting a business has different work skills than an employee for the same kind of work. The ability to think like an entrepreneur requires a different mindset than the mindset of a manager or a technician. Entrepreneurs must take advantage of opportunities, take fast action when required, and pour incredible amounts of energy for long period of time. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs would have it no other way. The challenge of starting this kind of work and lifestyle can be incredibly satisfying, not only that, rewarding as well. A business and career coach can help an entrepreneur accelerate their progress after starting out.

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