Live the Rave: Working Passionately Most of the time

Published: June 21, 2016

When passion is there, then work is a blessing.  When passion is there, then work is like play.  When passion is there, then challenges become less burdensome. Do you have enough passion? Examine the mission of your organization.  Is there a quality of that mission that gives you delight in your heart?  Can you work […]

Are you in charge of your Leadership Development?

Published: January 5, 2016

Make a choice. You are an unfinished leader.   There is a lot more work to do. Are you committed to change your leadership effectiveness?  How committed are you to a leadership education? Is it hard to accept yourself as unfinished?  I’ve come to accept that all leaders continue to work on their talents, their balance, […]

Nervous without a Safety Net: The Big Career Wobble

Published: November 17, 2015

Looking backward, I know I want to escape.  I see a network of business known to me, but there is a lot here I don’t like.  I haven’t been recognized.  My talents go unused.  The business is too busy to notice me.  I’m never going to reach my victory here.  I have settled for a […]

Enjoy Your Career, Experience Ultimate Passion In Your Life

Published: August 12, 2015

It seems like a paradox doesn’t it? Why would someone be passionate about their work? I believe that helping people discover passion in the way they work is part of the leaders challenge. Work ought to be liberating, empowering and thrilling. If you work near a great leader, you may find work so engrossing that […]

Secrets of a Career You’ll Never Quit

Published: June 25, 2015

Imagine, if you didn’t dread going to work.  Imagine that you finish vacation thinking to yourself, “this was fun, but I’m looking forward to getting back to my work.”  Passionate people don’t dread their work; they revel in it.  They don’t find excuses to leave early; they want to get more done. Most people I […]

If I were 22 Again – Advice to a New College Graduate

Published: June 17, 2015

  Just imagine that you are 22 years old again, and you have the wisdom of over 20 years of business experience with you.  What advice would you give to an earlier version of yourself?  I offer my thoughts to today’s college graduates, in the spirit of help.  I have thought about what I would […]

Are You Willing to Finish?

Published: April 21, 2015

“I’m done!”  The executive shouts with glee, and shakes hand with his team.  “We reached our goals!   All done now, we can go home and relax!” This scenario almost never happens.  The modern condition of work is almost never about being “done.”  There are always more things to do.  For some people on a project, […]

Passion versus perfection

Published: December 18, 2014

I am sure that you have some people on your team filled with passion for what you are doing. It is also likely that you have some people that are perfectionistic. How do the passionate ones get along with the perfectionistic ones? In my experience, there is a chance for a clash between these two […]

Are You Working to Make Yourself Happy?

Published: September 2, 2014

  Looking for success in your work? Success means many different things to people. For some people, success is measured by money. Other people need to know they have positive human relationships around them. I am often happy to meet people who need to have a sense of achievement and meaning in their work.   […]

Beyond talent, the winning team

Published: August 26, 2014

Imagine that you have five people working on the team. Each of them is talented in a different way. As a team, they know it’s important to support each other to achieve results. They’ve worked with each other long enough to know what the others require of them. Although the talent of each may not […]

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