Destruction or Departure: The Toxic Executive Team

Published: January 11, 2017

The team gets together periodically, and the signs of trouble abound.  Members are late, don’t prepare for the meeting, and resist any effort to move forward.  Forget any indication of happiness; this team can barely resist snarling at each other.  If you are a member of such a team, you probably HATE going to the […]

Lifting the Quality of Life: In Search of Good Conversation

Published: January 3, 2017

No matter what work you do, with a galaxy of friends or family around you, the quality of your life will be enhanced with good conversation.  Conversation is an exchange of ideas by people willing to learn and laugh at each other.  Good conversation makes life more valuable.  Enhance the relationships that you touch with […]

I’m Selective; I want Real Connections

Published: June 1, 2016

I get LinkedIn connection requests all the time, and frequently from people I have never met.  My philosophy connection starts with the value of my network – I want to connect with others who who will endorse me, say good things about me, and help me succeed.  I don’t need a bigger list of connections […]

A universe you can laugh at

Published: August 5, 2015

Just for fun, imagine you are surrounded by amusing people – provided to make you laugh and smile.  Imagine, the stage of life has been set up as one continuous Marx Brothers comedy, and indeed it is all rolling around you. Want to enjoy the fun? Pay attention to the dialogue so that you can […]

Meetings that Are about We, not Me

Published: March 3, 2015

Nothing turns off a conversation faster than a one-sided sales pitch.  At least, that’s how I react.    When two people meet for business purposes, I always see the objective as “let’s build a relationship and find ways to help each other.”  I don’t want to take my time to hear someone pitch their position to […]

What Vulnerability teaches Leaders

Published: February 25, 2015

  I have confidence in the claims of Brené Brown – being vulnerable is a strength.  Popular culture teaches us that we must be strong – we must be victorious whenever possible, and occasionally dominate .  The role of “boss,” “manager,” and “supervisor” all suggest that the voice of authority should be unshakeable, nearly perfect […]

Leaders Are Grateful for Diversity

Published: February 4, 2015

  The members of a working team likely have some talents in common.  They also have talents that are different.  It is beneficial for a leader to find a way to merge the unique talents that are present.  Those varying skills may increase the conflict in a group, and they may also help the group […]

Signs That Conflict On Your Team Are Very Good Thing

Published: December 30, 2014

No one wants to be surrounded by conflict. When we have a conflict, at the least we have to work harder; at the worst, we get wrapped up in an emotional maelstrom. We have so many memories of the turmoil that surrounds a conflict, that most of us will avoid it if we possibly can. […]

Finding Significance In Project Management

Published: December 11, 2014

  If you are a project manager, a lot of pressures call for your attention. You follow a time schedule. You conserve resources. You monitor the progress of the people who work with you. You report to the vice president of your company and explain the overall progress of your effort. There are a lot […]

Don’t Let Your Resistance Go Underground

Published: November 24, 2014

  In warfare, resistance presents a dangerous opposition. It is hard to know how strong it is and where it will fight. Any estimates on the resources held by the resistance are speculative. When the resistance goes underground, it is dedicated to overthrowing the voice of authority. Project managers and change agents, don’t let your […]

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