Change is emotional, personal and constant.

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Emotional experience usually accompanies change.

The Firesign Theater released a comedy album with the title, Everything You Know Is Wrong. I think today we could agree that what we knew 20 years ago is probably wrong today because things have changed. If you are responsible for a project at work, you must think about change, because the way your boss receives your work in the short-term future will be different than it was when assigned.

Change is emotional. People have expectations, and then things don’t work out. Our people have to put in much more effort than expected. The emotional experience usually accompanies change. Even though business leaders try to be rational and objective in the work that they do, change forces us to shed a tear occasionally.

Change is personal. Individuals are affected. Many of us have to carry additional responsibility because of the change that we didn’t expect. For some change creates opportunity. For others, change is a huge disappointment. Change touches everyone.

Change is constant. Change is always with us; this year we may be dealing with technological change, next year we may face a health challenge. The economy changes, competition changes, regulation changes. The constancy is that we can expect the future will be different.

Are you a leader on a business project? Then you can help buffer some of the negative effects of change. Help people understand the emotions that you will encounter. Change will hit us personally. We’re all in this together. And we can expect more change next year.

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