Change, Risk and the Route to Happiness

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How much risk will you face?


If you are looking at making a career change, you are certainly thinking about risks.  You may look at a current

place of security, determine, “I have these risks if I want to go forward,” and decide if it is worth it to get up and go.  Risk is present when we make changes – ironically, most of us also know it is risky even staying in the place, not making a change at all.

Another factor may need to come up if you are on the verge of happiness.  What is your happiness factor?  Are you happy where you are right now?  How much dissatisfaction would you face before you made a major change?

Enjoy New Forms of Happiness

Perhaps you have looked to your future position and considered your career victory.  You probably factored your happiness into the change and decided, “To get there, I will start enjoying new forms of happiness.  It will definitely be worth it to me to take these risks that I know about.”

Try to determine a measurement of two factors before undertaking a career change:  How much risk will you likely face?   How much happiness will you gain?  Then look at the two factors together:  How long will it take to move beyond the risk and start enjoying the happiness?

If you are about to undertake this journey, you will want to have realistic estimates of the risk and the happiness.   About risk: consider all the factors that may be part of your journey.  Have you evaluated the challenges?  Can you get more information without losing your opportunity? Examine those risks.  You may find ways to minimize the challenges, and to speed your journey.  Ask for expert opinion from someone who has been there before.

 Look Carefully for Career Happiness

You are contemplating career change partly because of the happiness factor.  You want a situation that will make you a happier person! So verify: is your happiness estimate good for your proposed career change?  You may want to look more closely – what will it take to give you deep happiness?  Perhaps the happiness factor can be satisfied without taking as much risk.

You are drawn to happiness, and repelled from situations of risk.  Make a fair evaluation of both factors before you take an important career step.

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You have greatness within you. Let’s have a success conversation!  Call me at 602-299-0576 if you want to change for good.

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