Corporate Speaker

Do you need a guest speaker at your business conference?

While it is typical to customize a corporate speaking program to meet the client’s needs, the following topics are often requested by our business clients.

Inspiring Higher Performance

Inspiration is like an internal flame. Sometimes it burns bright and hot; at other times it subsides and is barely felt. Inspiration is a quality that your leaders can enhance with your workers. This is a skill that can be learned. Inspirational leaders are able to captivate the spirit of those around them. When people feel inspired they will want to contribute more, and be a part of the dream. When you want a special message delivered to your management team customized for today’s market call on Steve Broe and Career Impact Coaching.

Learning to Influence Others

Corporate SpeakerGreat leaders know how to influence people. The art of influence involves helping people to come on board for their own reasons, not because they have been commanded to do so. Influence power is greater than command power! People who work for an influential leader find their own reasons for getting things done. The development of a great leader requires building influence power. The difference between a manager who has the power of command and a leader who influences others to follow (because they want to) comes from a sophisticated understanding of human relations: emotional intelligence, personal integrity, top level communication skills, and understanding of motivational psychology. Leaders don’t need to command others, they enchant them. Influence endures.

Getting Results: The Power Of Execution

Running a business is not about theory. It is important to make a decision, to act, and to push forward. Business leaders must build the skill of executing on business strategy. People and programs must be committed for taking a stake in the marketplace. Whereas managers may be content with modest improvements, and incremental changes; a business leader takes responsibility for achieving the big result. This takes fortitude and confidence that one has built a team dedicated to exceeding the corporate goals.

Corporate facilitation

Do you need help making a decision? Are you looking for an experienced facilitator to help your group expands discussion and explore possibilities together? Consider hiring an outside facilitator who can help your team focus on the issues.

You may be working to improve the results of your organization. An outside facilitator can help your internal leaders focus on the optimal conditions to get the big results. An outside facilitator can help you use the knowledge and experience to meet the future.

Searching for new ideas? Finding the best ideas for future programs can be like turning over stones in the wilderness and looking for a pot of gold. You know it’s out there. Keep the portal for open ideas open as long as you can tolerate it.

Are you working on strategy? You need your top experience at the table. Strategic thinking requires an open mind set for considering many possibilities.

Facing changes?
Some of your senior staff will have a stake in the outcome. You may want to hire an outside facilitator who will adopt an impartial approach for collecting information. As an outsider, Steve Broe can work for the best interest of your company without taking sides.

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