Don’t Go With the Crowd

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We don’t need a John Lennon clone.


A success speaker and philosopher coached his followers to “Avoid going with the crowd.”  Why does this make good sense?   Some wisdom is just contrary to what most people expect.

The crowd is doing similar things to each other.  People move together, follow the same pop idol, wear his shirts and cologne, and work to create harmony between them – don’t stand out.  By contrast, the writer who avoids the crowd is free to develop his or her voice.

Who is thinking? The person who follows the average, dresses like a pop star, or listens to the same political wisdom? Or the person who risks scorn, chooses what is unpopular, and demands to be an individual?  The person who zags while everyone else zigs?

We don’t need a John Lennon clone.  The entertainment world is already full of faux-Elvis musicians.  Who stands alone in a unique voice, a compelling need to find his or her  north star?

Musician Frank Zappa chided his audience – “you are all wearing uniforms.”  Even those of you who are trying to epitomize the counter-culture – you are making it a standard of deviancy!  The real artist doesn’t wear a uniform, doesn’t think about what his fans expect – an inspiring force is driving the expression.  There is no one to compare him with!

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