Finding Significance In Project Management

Is Change Important to You?

The best answer people may be that their work makes a difference.


If you are a project manager, a lot of pressures call for your attention. You follow a time schedule. You conserve resources. You monitor the progress of the people who work with you. You report to the vice president of your company and explain the overall progress of your effort. There are a lot of reasons to be busy in your work.


The people who work with you deserve to know “the why.” Why should they work so hard? Why is this project happening? Why is it important to meet the schedule?


You can answer those questions with realistic answers related to the budget, schedule and resources. I suggest that you start by explaining “why.” The best answer for the people who put in 10-hour days is to understand that their work makes a difference.


Do you understand “the why?” Just imagine, if you are not doing this work, who would be affected? Someone in your organization has decided that this project is important to the long-term growth of your business. Many people will be affected by your project. So just imagine that your project was called off. Who will be disappointed? Whose world will decline in value?


Find the why connected in your work. Make sure your people understand that their job is not just about programming and deadlines. There are real people who will be affected by the quality of their work. At least once a day, try to think about why your work is important.

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