Five Ways to Get Your Boss to Call You A Leader

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Disciplined: The fun stuff can wait




Do you want to be seen as a leader? Some activities will invest you with greater credibility (“cred”). Do these things and do them well, and people may decide that you are a leader.  It is not a guarantee – however these are things that leaders do.

Executive Education Gets Personal

Listening. Any great leader will be a superior listener. People can feel the difference when they are being listened to. Some people listen because they want to create an advantage. Leaders listen because relationships are strengthened. How can you increase the power of your listening over the next five days?

Learning. A leader knows that learning is a success strategy. If we want to lead, we can never be satisfied with what we learned last year. I talked to leaders who have a definite learning program and the advance with it regularly. They may be learning a foreign language; they may be learning how to get better results with their software. A leader is almost always naturally curious. A leader may not advertise what he or she is learning, because they tend to be humble people. However, if you speak to a leader in depth you will probably discover that he or she has a definite learning plan. What’s yours?

Be disciplined. A leader gets done what needs to get done. That means that the fun stuff can wait. Leaders will take care of important goals before they are due and will not waste any time imagining how will good it will be when the goal is reached. Leaders take care of the important things first.

Build the Credibility, Strengthen the Team, and Demonstrate Business Leadership

Build the team. Anyone can do this; leaders always do this. Big wins happen because people work together. When you invest in the team – even storming sometimes – you will look like a leader.

Willing to be led. It seems like a paradox – a good leader is also a good follower. Whether or not you are a leader, there are times to follow. A person who understands how to work well with the leader is ready for a bigger leadership challenge. Not only does the follower draw strength from the leadership relationship, the follower also learns from a good leader.

I wish I could anoint you as a leader. The world desperately needs good leaders, and if you are reading this message you  are probably one of the good ones! Just following the five credibility factors will not make you a leader. People observing you may think that you are when you build up enough credibility. In fact, doing these things will increase the odds that your character and responsibility factors will change so that you are, in fact, the leader. In short, act like a leader, treat people well, and you may discover that you have become one. I believe that you are already walking that road. Learning, just like I am.

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