How do you find your life passion through your work?

Do you want to know your passion?

Do you want to know your passion?


You likely spend 8 to 10 hours per day at work or on work related issues. Do you save up your passion for when you come home, turning it for your hobby or loved ones? Much of your life is  through your effort at work. Some people live passionately – at work, and in other creative efforts. Why should your passion be turned off when you show up for work? Why not find a way to live and work passionately, most of the time? I believe that some people make this choice and expand their passion for most of their day. It is up to you.

Passion is natural for us when our work reflects our inner world. Our spirit wants to play. We go through our period of apprenticeship building our skills. As we understand our natural strengths we can apply more of those strengths in our business. We get better at our business, not just through experience, but also from applying more of our strengths.

Your own Spirit informs Business Leadership

Spend time in reflection. Come to recognize the voice of your own spirit. Your inner desires may be different from that of your ego. Your ego may never be completely satisfied. Your ego serves to move beyond insecurity. Your ego follows fear. Your spirit has a different purpose – it seeks to make you feel whole, complete, and fulfilled. Learn to tell the difference between the voice of your ego and the voice of your inner spirit. Get to know your spirit, listen to it, and create a dialogue. As you make choices in your workplace you can apply more attention to fulfilling your inner spirits needs, rather than your ego.

You will certainly take risks when you follow your inner spirit. Your ego will lead you away from risks. However, it is necessary for you to take well-chosen risks in order to build a career that satisfies the spirit. It will not be handed to you – it must be earned.

Remain as a child in spirit. Your passion will follow when you retain a sense of play. You can be the person who laughs at fear, laughs at the challenges ahead of you. Your passion shows you that there is value ahead. Follow that interest. You don’t have to be sophisticated about it, know what makes you smile and want to play. Keeping all the experience you have is an adult, and with your work experience, and move to that place where your child can enjoy your adult life. You can move ahead with an attitude of fun and positive expectancy, or you can grudgingly do the tasks ahead and fear that no good will come to you. People can tell the difference if you have an attitude of a child, most people will help you express your passion.

Leadership Programs:  Its like Play

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has written extensively about working in a “flow” condition. I believe his description the flow is close to the experience of working in passion. The person working in flow is completely absorbed by the work at hand. That’s like play, isn’t it? People in flow often remark that they don’t notice where the time is gone. In a state of flow, a person feels attentive to the work in front of him: it is interesting, one thinks about that and notices the changes in each moment. Without being aware of it, the person in flow often feels energized, ready to work for hours.

Do you want to know your passion? Follow your purpose. Believe in it, and go three steps further than you think is sensible. Go out to where only the crazy people go. Stop and look at where you are. Now use your passion as an internal compass. Be passionate, and review where your goals will take you. How can you live fully? Know that you have an internal power to get to your big goals. Let your heart lead you.

If you want to live with your passion, you must go beyond what is sensible. It is essential that your risks lead you to the big success in your life. You cannot win big without this passionate risk.

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