Leadership and Disruptive Events of the World



The leader may offer new insight about the possibilities that are open after a disruption.

The leader may offer new insight about the possibilities that are open after a disruption.




Two principles of leadership emerge during periods of disruption:  Strategic thinking, and the power of execution.  Strategic thinking helps the leader forge a new vision, taking advantage of the changed circumstance.  The leader may rethink old assumptions; as the structural forces that held everything together in the “old way” may no longer be working.  New structural forces rule after the disruption.  The strategic thinker reflects on the way of things after the big boom. Strategic thinking is an exercise of awareness, assessment, and informed guesswork.  The leader may offer new insight about the possibilities that are open after a disruption.  Others may focus on what is no longer possible.  The leader will consider a route through new chaos.

Gains are possible with Leadership Coaching

Leaders are endowed with superior ability to execute, and this skill is important in times of disruption.  Other people may be overcome with doubt.  A great leader will be able to encourage a team to get moving.   Execution is that ability to initiate action.  We all have this skill; leaders have the ability to encourage execution with a group or team of people.

Additionally, periods of disruption cause people to feel doubt about taking action.  Leaders do not have certainty about what they are doing, however they find the ability get going when doubts are present.  The ability to execute in times of doubt may involve a certain moral character.  Leaders help us to take the steps forward that we need to react in times of change.  Leaders certainly know doubts; they move ahead anyway.

In Disruption?   Watch the Leader

Disruptions are part of modern experience.  We may crave security, we may hope for stability, and we may even get calm for a while.  Nevertheless, people increasingly experience disruption.  One of the best strategies for facing a disruptive world is to follow someone who knows how to lead.  The ability to think strategically, even while the world provides unpredictable change, and to execute with intelligence and inspiration, even while information is incomplete and contradictory; these two skills help a team and an organization take successful steps toward stability and clarity even while others hesitate.   The intervention of a modern leader is the best opportunity for an enterprise facing disruption to emerge stronger than they started.

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