Live the Rave: Working Passionately Most of the time

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Let your passion expand!

When passion is there, then work is a blessing.  When passion is there, then work is like play.  When passion is there, then challenges become less burdensome. Do you have enough passion?

Examine the mission of your organization.  Is there a quality of that mission that gives you delight in your heart?  Can you work in this mission even when you are tired, exhausted, and weary – because you support what is happening?

If you work for a big organization, can you support that mission doing just a small part of the purpose, content to carry out one part that you specialize in doing?  Is there a tiny piece of passion there for you?  If you can locate it, you can expand it.

Know your strengths.  The Strengthsfinder tool will help you identify the things that you are good at doing, and while this is not an absolute indicator, knowing the things that you are good at doing, and do with strength, can suggest areas of passion to you.

What gets you Up in the Morning? Can you remember a time when you looked forward to going to work, when you felt excited about what you would be doing, and couldn’t wait to get started?  Did your passion rise as you bolted out of bed?  Could be that you were charging into your strength zone.  Think about it:  what was the delight for you in your work?   Can you add more of that to your responsibilities?

Look for your best work.  I’ll bet that some of your labor is way above average.  Notice: do you pay attention to some projects more than others; are you concerned about the details?  Do you think about what happens before and after you work on it because you don’t want to get everything right, you want to get everything perfect?   What type of work do you do well, and others notice it too?  You are probably working passionately here.  You have earned the right to do even more of it!

The work means something to you.  You keep thinking about the work; even when you don’t have to.  You think about this job when you go home, and when you are done.  My wife keeps talking about the last concert or performance she gave – she’s a viola player.  This work means something to her – and she cannot stop talking about it.

You have passion in your working hours, at least sometimes.  Discover it, and let it expand.  Don’t run away from your passion, find ways that you can develop this part of your life, and you will enjoy more of what you do.

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Steve Broe is an executive coach and author.  He lives in Scottsdale Arizona.  He answers the question, “How does leadership help people become successful?” in his new book, Leading the Way Up Mt. Olympusnow available on Amazon.  


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