Meetings that Are about We, not Me

Quality Discussion in Strong business meetings

Quality Discussion in Strong Business Meetings

Nothing turns off a conversation faster than a one-sided sales pitch.  At least, that’s how I react.    When two people meet for business purposes, I always see the objective as “let’s build a relationship and find ways to help each other.”  I don’t want to take my time to hear someone pitch their position to me, and I don’t do that to others unless they invite me to promote to them.

Business networking is valuable.  I don’t care to participate in meetings that involve dozens of people who rapidly collect business cards and shake hands, ready to move on.  That’s poor business networking in my opinion!   I want to establish relationships that last longer than 30 minutes.  I want someone to call me for business later this year if they have a need.

Strong business meetings ought to involve quality conversation.  When two or more people meet and share time with each other, they want to discover interesting things about each other.  A good relationship starts with interest and adds involvement.  Once two good people have forged the bonds of a relationship, they tend to endure.

Hold meetings that are about the big WE.  Don’t make it about ME.  People don’t come back to build a relationship if the value is all one-sided.   I think this is evident, yet I see business meetings happen like this all the time.

Do you want people to be interested in you?   Be sincerely interested in them.   Listen, and take notes.  Ask questions that help you understand – not just the questions that help you sell your services.  I want to do business with people who are real with me.  That is why I spend a lot of time listening and taking notes.  I treat my business contacts as unique people and just maybe we’ll have a chance to do business together in the future.

Being a strong networker means that I believe that we will be talking together in the future and we’ll remember each other.

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