Passion versus perfection

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Are your people filled with passion, or do they seek perfection?

I am sure that you have some people on your team filled with passion for what you are doing. It is also likely that you have some people that are perfectionistic. How do the passionate ones get along with the perfectionistic ones? In my experience, there is a chance for a clash between these two types.


People who are filled with passion want to move fast. They see the excitement in moving forward. They understand how they will contribute, and how important this work is. You can feel the emotional strength in the words they use, and in the determination to get things done.


People with perfection on their minds don’t usually move fast. They like to check details. They understand that a lot of work lies ahead; someone might as well focus on getting it done and take care of each checkpoint. They have a high standard for finishing the work. They understand their name goes on the finished product, and they take pride in what it will look like.


People in software and information technology often are perfectionistic in their viewpoint. They understand the project completion may require long hours and final testing. They have seen projects before which were less than perfect when submitted. The experience was painful for them. They would rather get things right first.


If you are a project leader, you will find some of both of these personalities in your career. Find ways to help both types contribute. Let the passionate person understand your quality expectation. Let the perfectionistic worker understand the determination to complete the project on time. It can be challenging to force integration between these two types. Let the person with passion and the person with perfection understand that both of them make a difference to the outcome.


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