People don’t fail, projects do

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The Goal May Change


Do you ever feel like a failure? I’m going to guess that this internal experience happened when you failed to reach a goal.  We would all like to say calmly, “Mission accomplished.” We know: none of us has a perfect track record.   We have all tasted that bitter cocktail called failure.

You are not a failure.  You have the capacity to write new chapters to your own life. I am going to guess that after all failed projects in your past; you have reasons to cheer a later success later on.  The goal may have changed, nevertheless the spirit kept on.

You will always face new challenges

Projects fail. We are all bound to experience disappointment along our life journey.

First, learn from the failure.  Perhaps it is not your fault.  But do take the time for review.  It is likely that you did not make the optimal choices at each stage. What should have happened that didn’t?  Performance experts tell us that we can learn much more from our failures than our successes, so take the time to study what went wrong.  With the worst that has happened to you, the lessons from failure have already been paid.  Make sure that you put a deposit in your account.

Don’t kick yourself for what has already happened.  You need strength and encouragement, not an endless cycle of destructive home movies. You will be facing new challenges soon enough.  Get strong and learn from the last period. Then determine to go forward.

Why not move away from failure?  Make a decision about your direction.  What is your next big success going to be?  I would argue that your time and effort is better applied to working on the next victory.  Build your internal strength and awareness. You’ll have another chance at success.

 The Opportunity to Learn Creates Extensive Experience

Although you strive to your success, I think that sometimes success will find you.  All you can do is to optimize the conditions.  Success is exploring your capabilities.  Be ready; understand the factors around you as best you can. Step boldly forward, relax.  Success is seeking you out.

You are not a project.  You have spirit and imagination. Keep launching until your effort brings the returns you need. The benefit of failure is the opportunity to learn.  Don’t let yourself be judged by the failure.  Just keep going.

Don’t let yourself be a failure.  If your first pass did not succeed, it is up to you to learn from it, and then make another “go” for the victory.  You have greatness within you; this is like a replenishable fuel that can take you new places. So don’t ever let yourself get confused by a failed project.  You are much bigger than this.  Get in the game as fast as you can.

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