Project Managers

chesspiecesIf business was a chess game, then project managers would be the knights on the game board. Project managers are intelligent, educated, understand business, and are capable of getting results with their people. They are excellent communicators, smart with money, and savvy with technology. Project managers help 21st century business achieve the important, one-time goals that create new business achievements.

Some project managers are treated very well by their employers. Their intelligence and skill has prepared them for accepting more responsibility and new assignments with their corporate employers. Yet, project managers are often not ready to leave the corporate world. Their experience has not prepared them for going independent, launching their own business, or working as a consultant. They have plenty of knowledge helping corporate clients. They may not have negotiated their work as a self-employed professional – up to now.

Want to make a change for good? Let’s have a conversation. I’ll need about 90 minutes of your time, in a strictly confidential, no commitment discussion. I help mid-career and senior-level project managers review their readiness for a big change in the way they work. Are you ready to talk honestly about one of the most important issues in your life?

What I do is not right for everybody. Let’s find out if we should be working together.

Request a Strategic Career Audit with Dr. Steve Broe. There is no cost to you.

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