Coaching conceptsBusiness Coaching

Business coaching is a process of advising and mentoring a business owner to achieve substantial goals.  While many business goals are expressed in terms of a financial target, some business leaders simply want to enjoy…(more)

Executive Coaching

It’s not unusual for a new manager to face conflict at a level never before experienced in his or her career. The modern business leader must be ready to motivate a sophisticated cross-functional team, develop plans…(more)

Leadership Coaching

Leading chess iStock_000003019040XSmallA great leader is much less a commander of men than a hope-filled guide for the future. The route to the future holds many surprises. The leader is that dedicated person who isn’t willing to let the future be an accident…(more)

Project Managers

If business was a chess game, then project managers would be the knights on the game board. Project managers are intelligent, educated, understand business, and are capable of getting results with their people.. …(more)

Corporate Trainer

While a customized program can be put together for your organization, here are three topics that are often requested by my corporate clients. I am passionate about helping business leaders be successful in these areas!…(more)

Career Coach

Career coaching is offered on a thirteen-week basis. A set curriculum is offered in a ninety minute group session. Career impact coaching has been established to help career changers make an important shift in the work they do…(more)

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