Three Reasons Leadership Leads to Success

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What are the Odds of Building a Leader?

Leaders can become successful.  While there are no guarantees for success, leadership behavior does hasten success.

I’ve had a chat with my friend today, Dan Creed, about small business enterprise and leadership.  We both agree – a small business owner must act as a leader if he or she wants to be successful.  In small business, so much rides on the effort of the owner.  Leadership means that the founder will do whatever it takes to ensure success – and even that won’t be enough for some markets. For small business, the owner had better be a leader if he wants a decent shot at creating success.  No one will anoint the owner with success – it must be won; it must be a victory.

Leadership Changes the Odds

Why does leadership behavior support success? Here are three reasons.

Determination and persistence.  The leader holds a view of a better future.  This vision help keeps the leader working toward its achievement. The leader with a vision will persist while others give up.  The leader knows what the future looks like, and for the leader, it is worth the sacrifice. Determination has long been connected with business success.  It is not enough to be determined; without it, success is hard to imagine.

Positive influence.  Leaders win people over to their side through their positivity.  They offer an attractive alternative to the situation as normal.  Leaders sell this idea; they are influential.  When others join the leader, the chances for success go up; with every follower, the opportunity for success increases substantially.  Other people on the leader’s side help the best outcomes materialize.

Executing in the face of Uncertainty.  Leaders get things done.  Any effort toward success will mean moving through uncertain conditions.  Leaders are among the best at taking definite action – leaders often assess the situation by understanding, “My risk is X.  My possible gains are 5X.  I think it is worth getting started.  Now, how can I minimize my risk?” Therefore, even though the way forward is dark, leaders are the ones who light a candle and take a bold step forward.

Leaders can create significant successes because of their determination, positive nature, and willingness to stake resources on getting started.

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