Why do we need to assess people to build a great organization?

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Take the time to evaluate people working for you.

Have you ever had to build a winning team? The challenge for me often was to work with whoever was there, build a great team from the available talent. I have had little chance to pick and choose players to work on my team. In my situation, I have had to get the most impact out of the people who were on my side.

If you are like me, given a set of people who will be working with you, then assessment is critical. The enlightened manager must have knowledge about the personal dynamics of the people who were working with him. Failure to have this information will lead to sub – standard performance.

Assess people to find out 1) how their energy system works, 2) their knowledge of emotional intelligence, 3) how they react to leader authority, and 4) what kind of team player they are. With this collected information, a leader will be able to make better informed decisions, delivering better results for the enterprise.

A Leadership Development Program Builds on Personal Energy

People work with different energy systems. Some people have a lot of energy in the morning; some are afternoon workers. Some manage their energy very well. Some people need to have eaten within the last two hours in order to perform well; others are able to go all day without eating. Sleep is another factor. Some people come to work refreshed, ready to apply their best energy for the day. Other people are unpredictable. They may have lost sleep and need to recover their energy before they can do their best work. An effective manager should know about what working habits his or her people bring to their work. Even if a manager asks the worker to come in with their best energy level, a worker may not be able to change his or her habits swiftly or upon request. The energy we have to bring to our work is a function of our personal habits are eating habits and the amount of sleep we have. Some practices, like meditation or yoga, may help a person restore energy levels when needed. Great managers consider the energy needs of the team members.

Emotional intelligence is a success factor for people who work together to obtain systematic results. EI includes a number of intelligence factors relating to knowledge of other people’s emotional state as well as one’s internal emotional state. A great leader works in harmony with the emotional state of other people as well as presenting an authentic reflection of his or her emotional experience. Great emotional intelligence cannot be faked or improvised. Project leaders should dedicate part of their life to exploring emotional reality. A robust body of research suggests that skilled leaders in EI achieve substantially more success in their endeavors than leaders who don’t use emotional intelligence.

Trusting Voices of Authority Requires Organizational Training

Some people are resistant to voices of authority. If you have someone like this on your team, you will need to work harder to establish a sense of trust and collaboration on team efforts. Other people have an opposite problem – they automatically yield to voices of authority and failed to make a critical assessment of the leader’s strategic thinking. When an intelligent but yielding team member is not critical of the voice of authority, the leader may need to challenge the follower speak up and give a divergent opinion at the respective time.

Do your employees work together well? I recommend that you evaluate your team members in their synergy with each other. Consider if they are willing to collaborate, spend time listening to each other, and willing to yield their viewpoint for the good of the team. Some brilliant people are just miserable at performing on a team with others. If team synergy is important to you, then look critically at people who may be “solo artists.” Supportive team members who can work together add a very powerful energy, inspiration for getting work done together.

Take the time to evaluate people working for you. Consider their strengths, look at how their strengths can best be deployed. Practice discernment. Help people make the biggest contribution possible to your effort.

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